Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blessings, not years, matter

I just wrote on a birthday card I'm sending to someone I know and love, and the message is one I've heard before. Somehow this morning it resonated even more deeply: "Measure your birthdays in blessings, not years."

That would be a different approach, wouldn't it? Really, what do the years matter when it comes down to it? Do you ever feel any different the day after your birthday because of that changed number? I don't either. In fact, my oldest grandson turned 19 last Saturday. So when I talked with him on Sunday, I asked whether he felt any different being 19 than he had at 18. "No, Grandma, I don't," he answered. I was pretty certain that's what he'd say.

But to look back over our years of life and count up all the blessings—now that's humbling and astounding! The more years you live, the more blessings you have. So now the challenge is to really notice them. Be aware of them. And then be thankful for them.

That gives new meaning to the idea of aging gratefully! I'm going to carry this idea with me for a while: "Measure your birthdays in blessings, not years." I think it could make a difference in how I live each day.

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