Monday, March 17, 2014

Soup & love

Last week my two oldest grandsons needed some TLC. They had each experienced dental surgery and had all four wisdom teeth extracted on the same day. Their mouths and jaws ached for a few days. Eating was limited to soup and soft foods. They were home from school and work, nursing their aches and pains.

So one day I drove through the latest Chicago snow to their house to make one of my homemade soups and give them some TLC. I was struck by the fact that, no matter how old we are nor how independent we want to be, we all savor that TLC and special attention from those who love us. My grandsons are older teens, they're much taller than I am, and I know they seem themselves as strong and perhaps invincible. But they were hurting and it wasn't just the homemade soup they enjoyed. They liked the extra care and loving.

When I mentioned what I'd done to other friends, some said they'd love to have a grandma who did that. And it occurred to me that we're never, ever too old for grandmas. In fact, there have been times in my life (and some not so very long ago!) when I have longed to climb into my mom's or grandma's lap (both are dead now) and be hugged and told, "There, there, now, it'll all be OK." Do we really outgrow such needs?

Perhaps it's good for us to remember this as we deal with one another: Be gentle. We each have things going on in our lives and could use some extra love and TLC from time to time. 

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