Thursday, March 20, 2014

Circles and wisdom

My favorite shape is a circle. It most definitely is not a pyramid.

Why is that? A circle speaks to me of equality. Infinity. Connection. Wholeness. And even though a circle may seem closed to some people, I see it as permeable. I see the circle opening to let in new things—new information, new ideas, new friends, new dreams. When people stand in a circle, there's always room for more.

A pyramid, on the other hand, reminds me of hierarchy. Someone's at the top. Lots of people are at the bottom. And your getting to the top depends on there being lots of others at the bottom, supporting you, as it were. I've been in enough organizations where hierarchy rules. And I'm not convinced it's working.

My leadership style was (and still is) collaborative. I see each one of us as having pieces of wisdom. When we put all our pieces together, so much more is possible. A synergy is created when we all throw our wisdom and ideas into the pot, stir them up and see what bubbles up. Usually wisdom emerges that we could not have imagined when we worked alone as individuals. That's why I love teamwork. I like to motivate and encourage others to do their best, be their best. That is totally win/win for me. 

As a coach, that's my style, too. I don't have the answers to your life questions. That would be extremely arrogant on my part. But I can ask you questions, throw out new ways of seeing things, question your assumptions, and help you find those answers. Here's what I believe: Deep down we each have what it takes to work through our life questions. My job as a coach is to help you access your wisdom, feelings, thoughts, ideas and dreams so you can get unstuck and find the solutions for which you long.

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