Monday, March 31, 2014

You are incredible!

I saw a most amazing and touching ad last week in a Facebook link. The ad was done for Australian Weight Watchers and didn't rely on the use of celebrities as American ads typically do. Click the link to see it for yourself.

This is all about reaching your own potential—not someone else's idea of what you should be. It's called "Awaken your incredible" and is all about the possibilities that were there from the day you were born. The ad encourages you to find the person you are at your core, realizing that as you faced all of life's challenges in the intervening years, you most likely lost touch with that person and those possibilities. Yes, oh, yes. That's easy to do.

As inspiring as it might be to see how much weight Jennifer Hudson or Jessica Simpson have lost, that really isn't the point. What's right for you? For me? What's my potential? What do I even want to do about that?

I really like the focus of this ad. Again, it's about our own authenticity—not about doing what was authentic or right for someone else, as inspiring as that may be.

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