Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Asking for help

This past weekend I gave a presentation on exploring the secrets of contentment at a women's retreat. Knowing these women were leaving busy and stress-filled lives to attend the retreat, I perhaps took on more responsibility for the outcome than I should have: I so wanted each woman to get what she needed from my presentation. I wanted each woman to go home well fed mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I forgot that I was responsible for the effort, not the outcome!

In any case, a situation the night before my talk prevented me from getting much sleep. That increased my anxiety level, so that morning I asked a few of my friends in attendance to pray and add their moral support as I gave my presentation. I've admitted in my blogs before that asking for help doesn't come easily for me. I always think to myself: Come on, Sonia, you can do this. Put on your Big Girl Panties and just do it! I'm learning, slowly but surely, to be more vulnerable and to retire my Wonder Woman cape!

These friends sat right up in the front where I could see them and gain energy from them. One of the women I'd asked for help made a fitting comment aloud during my talk, and it was just the right thing. It opened the door for a bit of give-and-take in my presentation, and it put me directly "in the moment." As a result of that moral support and that open door, my presentation had more of an easy flow and I was able to take a few short side trips from my prepared text so that I could respond to vibes I picked up from the women in attendance.

Another lesson learned: Sonia, ask for help. Let others support and help. And stay aware and in the present moment. What do you need to learn? Have you had opportunities lately to learn some lessons? Opportunities come in a variety of ways. Stay awake and aware to them.

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