Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What can you learn today?

When you start your day, you have absolutely no idea what situations might arise or what you might learn. It's good to stay open and aware so you don't miss possibilities to learn about things you otherwise might not have discovered. Such opportunities open the doors to compassion and to wisdom at a level we can't imagine ahead of time.

Last Sunday at coffee hour following our worship service, we sat at the same table as a young man we'd not seen before. Through conversation, we discovered that he had only recently aged out of the foster-care system. He now lives in an apartment near our church and is job-hunting. And, oh, the stories he could tell about his experiences—some good and many of them just heart-breaking and sad.

I left the coffee hour grateful for the opportunity to get to know this young man just a bit and to learn more about a way of life with which I'm not very familiar. All I know about the foster-care system is what I've read. And I'm sure what he told at the table is only the tip of the iceberg. But it raised my awareness significantly.

What might provide a learning opportunity for you today? Stay awake and aware so you don't miss a chance for growth, increased compassion and wisdom.

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