Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Work for your dreams

Since yesterday was Election Day, the saying that appeared on my calendar page a couple weeks ago is especially fitting.

William Arthur Ward, a writer of inspirational maxims, said the following: "Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work."

Taking advantage of the right and privilege of voting is right in line with that attitude. It's participating in the collective work in which we engage as a society. It requires being an informed citizen. It's more than belonging to this society. It's participating in it. Action is required.

As a woman, particularly, I don't take this right and privilege for granted. It sometimes stops me short to remember that in my own mother's lifetime, women did not have the right to vote. Because of the hard work and risk-taking of several women who marched, spoke out, withstood jail and a variety of abuses and endured other hardships, today I'm able to do more than belong to society. I am able to fully participate by voting for those whom I think will be responsible, just and wise leaders. Those women who went before me did more than dream. They put in the hard work to ensure that one day, women would have the same rights as men—and that our voices would be heard. I'm so grateful. And I, too, want to do more than just the minimum.

What about you?

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