Monday, August 31, 2015

Garbage transformed

Sometimes the garbage in our lives can be turned into compost, can't it? Ever have the experience of something that seemed to be devastating or tragic eventually turned into something good, new or exciting in your life? Perhaps it led to a new career. Or a new relationship.

I have heard people who suffered through cancer and difficult treatments say later that they were grateful for the cancer because it led to amazing growth and transformation in their lives. And I have known people whose difficult childhoods led to deep awareness and learnings such that they now have careers that use what they experienced to help others and thus, fulfill them in the process. This is called redemption!

Perhaps in the throes of a painful experience, we're not feeling much gratitude. Sometimes, in fact, it can be years later before we see that life's fertilizer has produced a beautiful rose!

It's good to be open to the possibility—and now and then, to pause and see whether there are things in our lives that might be transformed, that might lead to new growth and opportunities. See anything now?

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