Monday, August 3, 2015

Sing your unique song

I came across something I'd copied from somewhere, and now I can't recall the source. I apologize that I don't know it. But these words so spoke to me once—and they still do. I think you'll like them, too.

"What of your wild song longing to be whispered at life today? What glee are you rejoicing in, what beauty are you creating, and why would you ever savor the shadows instead of pushing your creations out into the colorful light you dream of? It is time. It is time to roam free, to unleash the shackles, to stand proudly amidst your purpose, confidently staring down the fears and faces that hide you from who you truly are, who you long to be, and who you are slowly becoming. ...your song deserves to be sung, your voice deserves to be heard, and the authentic, majestic masterpiece you hold inside deserves to be revealed. ... It is time for you."

Isn't that great? No matter what stage of life you're in right now, you have purpose. Your life has meaning. There is some song that only you can sing. It might be in your workplace. It could be in your family life and your relationships. Your song might find expression in volunteer activities. I know of a woman whose career is behind her, her volunteering days are done, and who is now in an assisted living facility. So you might ask what song she might add to the world now. She can still send cards of encouragement to people who need it. That is the gift she offers to the world now. She also prays for people's needs—and her prayer list grows weekly, she says.

What's your song? What needs to be done that has your name on it? What beauty are you creating? Sing your song. Now.

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