Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Love: a true sign of grace

There are so many types of love—and so many sources from which we can experience love: family members, friends, members of our faith community and others. Being loved, especially being loved unconditionally, is a true sign of grace. It's an incredible gift.

Sometimes when we're in a difficult place in life, we turn away the very love we need and crave. Perhaps we fear rejection—and because of things going on in our lives, we're maxed out on rejection already. So we act in ways that deflect the love others try to lavish on us.

Perhaps we're in a place where we just want to isolate—crawl into a hole and pull a cover over the top. Close friends tell me that's what I did during my separation and before my divorce. That was an extremely low point in my life, and I really didn't want to hang out with others. When we isolate, no doubt we are in a place where we need love more than ever. But all our actions tell others, "Stay away."

If we can stay aware of what's happening inside and how we're expressing it on the outside, we can let others love us even when we're in those dark and difficult places. Love definitely can overcome those feelings of separation and the fears of rejection. Love is such a gift—and it's a wonderful sign of grace that we all need. Love is the sunshine and rain we need in order to bloom and grow. So open up to the love of others today. And be grateful for all the love that comes your way.

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