Friday, August 21, 2015

Forgive yourself—and start over fresh

A prayer/poem written by psychotherapist and author Belleruth Naparstek speaks to me today. See whether you find images or thoughts with which to resonate, too.

"Just give me this: ...A willingness to notice and forgive the myriad times I fall short, forgetting who I really am, what I really belong to. So I can start over, fresh and clean, like sweet sheets billowing in the summer sun, my heart pierced with gratitude," she wrote.

I had to read that several times to let the thoughts sink in—and to really enjoy the images. I used to love hanging out my wash to soak up the sun and fresh air, so I can just picture starting over "fresh and clean, like sweet sheets billowing in the summer sun."

And a "heart pierced with gratitude"—doesn't that sound wonderful?

It's often said that forgiving ourselves is the most difficult act of forgiveness of all. I do believe it. So an awareness of the times we fall short ... and the ability to forgive and truly start over "fresh and clean" is a real gift. A gift we give ourselves. An act of self-love.

Ready for that gift?

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