Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You are magnificent

For some reason, I grew up thinking that I had to do things to be worthy of love, to have value. If I was "good," I'd be worthy—if I helped others, if I performed well (say, at school or in my piano lessons, for example), if I did this and if I did that, then I'd have value. I have since come to realize that many other people have dealt with that issue, too: We do everything we can to show that we're deserving of love.

Ever felt that way yourself?

It took me several years to realize that wasn't true—that I was worthy, valuable and loveable just as I was. Of course, knowing that in my head was far different from feeling it in my heart, too. It's a process to move past ideas that we pick up when we're young; it doesn't happen overnight.

Know this: You and I are unique, magnificent beings. Our true value is in simply being who we were created to be. You are a gift to the world. I am a gift to the world. We each have distinctive and unique gifts to offer the world, too.

Let's let that truth settle deeply into our hearts, souls and very bones. And let's let go of any old beliefs about having to be good or perform well in order to be loved. Let's simply be authentic—be who we are and know it's enough!

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