Thursday, August 27, 2015

Love wins

We talked a few days ago about thinking our achievements might make us more loveable and valued. However, that simply isn't true. In fact, others typically either admire us or resent us for our successes. But never do they love us for them!

We are loved for our humanity. We are loved when we're real and authentic. We're loved when we're open and vulnerable with others. We're loved when we are willing to show our imperfections—and, yes, we all have them! We're loved when we show compassion.

And we really do have to begin with ourselves. If we can love ourselves, accept our imperfections as well as our gifts, forgive ourselves and show compassion to ourselves, it will be so much easier to offer those same gifts to others in our lives. Hurting people hurt others. And loving and compassionate people love others—and attract love back to themselves as well.

It's good to remember that when we're tempted to withhold love from ourselves—or when we're tempted to lash out at others or "really show so-and-so what I think of her." Where does that get us, really? In the end, love really does win.

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