Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's hear it for big life questions

Are you asking some of life's big questions lately? Uncertain of next steps, whether that's about your career or some relationship—or maybe even a health or weight issue?

What direction should I go? What do I want to be when I grow up? How can I recover my passion for life? How can I care for myself better? These and other big questions are simply part of life's journey. Please don't beat up on yourself because you don't know the answers. Sometimes we think we should know. At times we think everyone else in the world is certain and decisive. What's wrong with me, we ask. Nothing is wrong. You are normal if you have questions.

Simply befriend yourself and love your questions. Let them live inside you for a while. Bring them out into the light of day, either for your eyes only (through journaling, for example) or by sharing with a friend or loved one, a coach or therapist. Work with them. Play with them. Love them. Live them.

These questions aren't a sign of weakness or of indecision. They're often spurs to growth and new discoveries for us. It is most often through those big questions that we are able to move from the caterpillar stage of life right into the cocoon and eventually out again to take on life as a beautiful, soaring butterfly. So how bad is that? Quite a good outcome, I'd say.

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