Friday, February 27, 2015

Stop. Proceed with caution.

Recently I have been dealing with some relationship issues. I was in a quandary as to next moves and just how to proceed with these relationships. Through my work with a healing touch practitioner, however, I have gained so many insights that led me to a huge aha moment.

Before I think about how I can work things out with the others involved, I need to achieve more clarity on just what I want and need from the relationships. I have inner work of my own to do before I even know just what my next words or moves might be. While it leaves things hanging for a while, I firmly believe that the outcomes will be far better than had I just pushed ahead.

Sometimes it only makes sense to stop. Pay attention to the messages and urges you receive from inside and outside sources. Listen to them. Reflect on them. Then proceed with caution. When that happens to me, I know that I'm responding to a situation rather than reacting to it. In most cases, I also have an opportunity for some personal growth.

Isn't that better anyway? It seems win-win to me.

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