Monday, February 2, 2015

Share the 'good stuff'

"Don't give life to the negative emotions you feel around this," I invited my client to consider. She immediately resonated with that idea and caught on. "Yes, I can't be creative about solutions as long as I keep fanning the flames with 'ain't it awful' thinking," she said. Ah, yes, so true.

I had only just heard this thought from a friend of mine a few days earlier. And she had heard it from another friend of hers. When my friend told me about not giving life to negative emotions or situations, I liked the thought immediately. And I recognized that there are times when I repeat an "Ain't it awful" story about something that's happened. It doesn't give me energy. It doesn't move me to solutions. It keeps me stuck.

I like the thought behind this saying. But what I want to highlight today is that when you hear a wonderful word of wisdom such as that, pass it on. Share it with friends. Share it with anyone you think will like it. Or anyone who might need it. That's how we help each other through this journey we call life. Some days we need all the help we can get.

You have a lot of wisdom inside you. What "good stuff" might you share with someone today? It might be something you heard elsewhere. It might be an awareness you had. Share it. You never know. It might be just what that person needs to hear.

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