Friday, February 13, 2015

Acceptance and self-love

Although I talk from time to time about the importance of change, I want to remember that there's something important to keep in mind as you and I do that. That essential piece is that we don't make changes in our lives because we want to get rid of bad parts of ourselves. It's really more about accepting who and what we were created to do—more about befriending ourselves and engaging in self-compassion. It's about growing into that person we were meant to be.

As we experience change and transformation over and over throughout life (not unlike the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly process), we want to be careful to not commit violence toward ourselves. Life's journey and task isn't about violently cutting off things we don't like about ourselves. It's about accepting and loving ourselves and learning to life as free of our masks and costumes as we can. Do we need the masks we've put on to hide who we really are? Sometimes. There definitely are times (and people) that call forth our need for some self-protection. That's when the masks are helpful. But to live forever concealed by one or more masks—that's way too confining. And it doesn't let the real you come forth.

The more you and I can accept ourselves and show self-love and self-compassion, the more serene and happy we will be. And the more loving and open we will be to others in our lives as well. It all starts with befriending and acceptance.

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