Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let life flow

My March 9 blog talked about moving out of your head and down into your heart and the rest of your body. I had an experience more than two years ago where, during meditation, my head felt very heavy and I felt as though there were also something constricting it. Through journaling, I realized that my head was tired of “carrying” all my big life transition questions (brought on by being Reduced In Force from my job of 22 years). My head wanted some help: Call in the rest of the troops (my heart and the rest of my body)!!

As I journaled and lived with those thoughts and all my life questions, this is what came to me:

• Let life flow. Don’t fight it.
• Be open. See what comes.
Feel the feelings. Do not feed them (with food—do you ever do that???)!
• Give my head a break. Open up to my entire body.
• Accept what is.
• Enjoy what is!
• Look ahead. Quit looking back.
• Quit trying to control or force life into a predetermined path.

What’s on your mind these days? What’s next for you? Tune in to your inner self and see what you discover. You’ll feel so powerful accessing your inner truths and wisdom.

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