Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You in relationships

Not so many decades ago, many people viewed marriage or that primary relationship in your life as completing you. It was thought that once you found that significant other, you would be complete—as though you were only a partial person on your own.

I remember hearing that as I grew into adulthood. I don’t hear it so much anymore. I hope that idea is dead and gone. You aren’t a puzzle with missing pieces. You are whole and complete.

Do relationships sometimes (we hope it’s often!) bring out the best in you? They certainly can do so. Can those people closest to you encourage and support you in ways that give you strength and energy to grow and become all you were meant to be? Absolutely.

You at your best
How can you enhance your chances of relationships that support you in becoming your best self? How can you develop healthy relationships?

Whether it’s in your friendships or in a primary relationship, you can do things to create an atmosphere of honesty and trust. You can be as real and authentic as possible—and encourage that in others. You can be supportive and ask for support and affirmation from those closest to you in return.

You don’t complete each other. But you can definitely help bring out the best in each other. And think of the joy you’ll feel—and the joy you’ll spread all around you when you live with such healthy and life-giving relationships.

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