Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shhhhhhh...Are You Drowning in Sound?

We are surrounded with dozens and dozens of media messages every day. Loud, persistent messages. Messages that drown out our inner wisdom.

How can we ever expect to hear our own voices when we’re surrounded with this din? How can we access our inner wisdom when we can’t hear ourselves think?

Silence really is golden
I invite you to create time and space for some quiet in your life. Find a spot in your home that’s comfortable and inviting. And quiet! Make time (even if you have to pencil it into your too-full appointment book) for yourself.

Have no agenda other than to be silent and listen. Do you realize that those two words have the same letters? They’re just in a different order. How connected those words are! We can’t possibly really listen unless we are silent.

Perhaps you’ll want to simply do deep breathing, using a mantra such as: Breathe in, saying, “I breathe in peace”—and breathe out, saying, “I breathe out stress.” Or whatever words work for you to get calm and quiet your mind and body.

Or you may like to journal and write (or draw) what thoughts and feelings emerge as you go silent.

Let thoughts pass through
As external thoughts enter your mind, don’t worry about blocking them. Simply let them pass through and let them go. If it helps you to quietly say a word, such as “calm” or “love,” to draw your attention back inside, do that whenever you get distracted.

Just that process of sitting quietly for a few minutes each day or several times a week will be good for your spirit (and your body). And you might be surprised what you’ll learn when you listen for your own inner wisdom! There’s a deep well inside us; we just don’t often go silent and listen to see what’s there.

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