Friday, March 23, 2012

It’s up to you

Several years ago I was in a workplace that felt toxic and negative. Some coworkers didn’t speak; some grunted when greeted, and lots of whispering occurred between a few. It was with dismay that I realized that I was becoming a person I really didn’t want to be because of it. I liked what I was doing and didn’t necessarily want to change jobs, though.

That situation offered me some choices. I could continue to become as negative and unfriendly as some of those around me. I could change how I responded to them and be the positive person I had thought myself to be. Or I could look for a new job.

Somewhere I saw a list of mantras to repeat throughout the day. Several spoke to me, and I copied some of them onto the back of old business cards and carried them in my purse so I could pull them out whenever I needed inspiration during the day. One really sticks out in my mind, though:

“I will live out of my own container of love and compassion, regardless of others’ actions.”

Attitude change
I cannot tell you how much that mantra meant to me—or how often during the day I pulled that card out of my purse as a reminder. Eventually, it became much more automatic, and I didn’t need the reminder. When I came to the office each morning, I said “Good morning” to everyone and went about my day in a positive, happy manner. I felt much better, and some of my coworkers responded in kind. I needed that change in attitude. I needed to realize that I could exert my personal power to respond to coworkers in the way I wanted—not as they did.

What attitude change might you need to make today? Where in your life do you need to claim your personal power? What change can you make that will be good for you and just might create a more positive climate around you?

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