Friday, March 2, 2012

What Is Working in Your Life?

When you try to find a solution to something in your life—or try to answer one of those large life questions—do you sometimes feel as though you’re walking through quicksand to do so?

Author Dawna Markova says in her book I Will Not Die An Unlived Life that we should build on what is working for us. What specific gifts have you been given? What’s your best style of working things out? It may be very different from my style. That’s OK. You will have much more energy—and, therefore, better solutions—if you go with your own flow, your own style. Go with what has worked and what is working.

What’s the ‘body feel’ of success?
And don’t concentrate on your limitations. Think back to a time when you successfully solved a problem or answered one of your big questions. Get in touch with that success—and ride the wave of energy that comes from it. Markova asks us, “What does fulfillment feel like in your body, and what does the story you tell reveal about what’s really important to you?”

One of my clients has been trying, pretty much unsuccessfully, to divide his days as an entrepreneur into small chunks of time. Two hours for this project, two hours for that, 45 minutes for something else. He feels as though he’s slogging through mud pulling a wagonload behind him. We talked about his personality type and realized that he is the type of person who gets totally lost in a project or a pursuit. He’s the type who can completely lose track of time once he’s set on finding a solution. We realized that his time management attempts were not working with his natural style. Now, when it’s possible, instead of divvying up his days, he’s dividing his week into time chunks: Monday on this project, Tuesday on that one, etc. There will be times when that won’t work perfectly. But he’s happier going with his natural flow. And he’s much more productive.

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