Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Wake Up, Show Up!"

Author Joyce Rupp in her book The Cup of Our Life gives four reminders for those who use her book. These reminders work well as you face life issues and answer life questions, too. In fact, they are just good for life in general!
Wake up! Be aware.
Show up! Be there.
Shake up! Be willing to rearrange your inner viewpoint.
Start up! Get moving.

How might your life be different today if you followed those four admonitions? Would it help you discover transformation at the end of some crossroad of change you’re currently experiencing—rather than just the grief of change?

When something changes in your life and you aren’t sure which way to go, it’s easy to get stuck in the loss and grief. I’ve certainly been there and done that. That is not to say that you should ignore the loss when you face change-points. Definitely name the losses and grieve them. And then move on.

Start with paying attention
Rupp’s reminders work no matter where you are in your transition or transformation process. You really do begin with awareness. Pay attention. What has happened? What is happening? Where are you now? And where do you want to be? How will you get there?

Once you have an awareness of the issue, be present with it. Live with it. Hold it. Don’t be afraid of it.

Examine your beliefs, views and attitudes about what’s going on. Are they old messages? Perhaps from childhood—or from another relationship or life experience? They may no longer hold true. Some never were true, but we heard them so often that they seemed true. You may just need a new belief or viewpoint. Bust some myths that no longer work.

Set an action plan. Break the plan into bite-sized pieces. And get moving. You will feel so energized and powerful when you make a choice and start moving! If you would like help in working this through, I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary strategy session.

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