Thursday, March 15, 2012

What fills you with joy?

I’m spending a few days in Phoenix with my youngest son, my daughter-in-law and my two youngest grandchildren. Two things especially come to my awareness: I am so energized by connection (with family and friends)—and I am completely joy-filled when I am with my precious grandchildren. I love snuggling with them, reading to them, playing games, drawing, acting silly and “loving on them,” as my daughter-in-law says. All that and more. My Inner Child comes out to play when I’m with my grandchildren. And when I’m connected, and spending time with those I love, my heart is open. Wide open. Ready to embrace others, to embrace new experiences. I’m just at my best.

What about you? What fills you with joy? Opens up your heart? Energizes you? When are you at your best?

If you aren’t sure, try paying attention. One way to do that is at the end of each day, answer two questions (writing this down will help you see patterns): What gave me energy today? What sucked energy out of me today? (Or you can substitute the word “joy” for “energy” if you like.)

After you have done this for several days or weeks, you will see new things about yourself. Some patterns will emerge. Your self-awareness will increase. And you can make choices about how you spend your days.

I’d love to hear what you’re noticing. If you’re willing, share with us in the Comment box below.

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