Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Al fresco dining—in March

Where I live in Illinois, it’s unseasonably warm right now. I actually had lunch with friends today— outdoors! Typically at this time of year, we could still have snow on the ground (albeit, the ugly gray/black remainders of a previous storm) and would still be wearing winter coats. We most definitely would not be dining al fresco. Instead, my rhododendron are in full bloom, my trees and shrubs are budding, my grape hyacinths are gorgeous and my hydrangea bush already is greening up.

New life. Don’t you love it? Each spring it’s new all over again. The thrill erupts within just as surely as the buds and flowers bursting forth outside.

Where in your life do you experience this same sense of new life, transformation, greening?

New beginnings
Or don’t you? Perhaps you’re longing for new beginnings, yearning for that transformation that occurs in the caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly process. What’s waiting to be born in you right now? What dreams are calling you?

If you are just where you want to be right now, that’s awesome! Please share with us what that’s like and how you got there.

If you yearn for something new in your life, please share that with us, too. And take a small step today to move toward that new life waiting to be born in you. Don’t wait. Let your beautiful butterfly emerge from the cocoon—and soar! Create the climate for new life. Contact me if you want a partner in letting your inner butterfly soar.

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