Friday, May 25, 2012

5 questions to ask about your relationships

We all have relationship problems from time to time. It might be with our children—or with our significant other or partner. Lots of times the issues arise in our friendships or in our workplace with colleagues.

Sometimes you need to make a choice about whether or not you wish to keep a relationship. Is this a friendship you need to drop? Is your marriage completely broken? Such decisions require a lot of thought and soul-searching.

Other relationship issues, however, might benefit from asking yourself 5 questions:

• Am I expecting perfection when what I really want is simply to enjoy what is possible?

• What do I want from this relationship?

• And what do I give to it?

• If I didn't have this relationship in my life, what would I miss?

• What am I willing to do to keep it in my life? (Remember: You cannot change anyone but yourself.)

Sometimes we simply need to be realistic about what is possible. Always we need to look at our part in the relationship dance.

Please share with us in the Comment box what you have learned about relationships through the years. I'd love to hear.

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