Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Giving your power away

Yesterday we talked about feeling valued and appreciated.

Do you ever feel that you give away some of your personal power by allowing the opinions of others (especially in the workplace) to define you? I have done that more than I care to admit.

I like what another of my favorite authors Paula D'Arcy says in her book A New Set of Eyes: "I remember their seeming power, then, to validate and sometimes define me. I recall longing for their approval. But it is clear to me from this perspective that they had no power at all. The only power they had was given to them by me. It seems an incredible irony. My freedom was never wrested from me. I handed it out in large and small pieces."

Check it out in your life today: Are others defining you? Do you take what others seem to think of you as the truth? Does it create your self-image? What's your part in this dance? And how can you take back your personal power?

Awareness is the first step. Stop—when you notice that your self-image is being formed by others. Ask—is what others think or say really the truth about you. Reframe—affirm for yourself who and what you really are.

If this has become a real issue for you, I invite you to contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to discover tools for change.

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