Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be here now

I just came across something a friend sent me in a 2005 email. I have no idea who wrote this but the words really struck me today. And I'm guessing they'll speak to many of you, too.

"There is enormous power in this moment. The more fully you experience what is here right now, the more that power is available to you.

"Are you angry or bitter, disappointed or resentful about what has happened in the past? Then much of the power of this moment will be out of your reach.

"Are you anxious and worried about something that may or may not happen in the future? Then you will miss out on the opportunity to create real and lasting value from this powerful moment you are in.

"Imagine that everything you are, everything you know, everything you care about, is focused into this very moment. And feel the enormous power of what you can, right here and now, do with it all.

"Rise above the murky fog of what could have been and what someday might or might not come to pass. Focus the whole of your being on what is, and on the overflowing abundant opportunities this moment presents to you.

"There is great and wonderful power in this very moment, in who you are, in where you are right now. See it, be it, and let yourself live it fully."

So let go of old disappointments, stop living like the caterpillar. Prepare to live in this moment you've been given. And soar—like the beautiful butterfly you were meant to be!

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