Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Small changes add up

Do you look for big miracles, big changes? Me too. I think I overlook a lot of the small things in life.

My women's study group at church is discussing Sue Bender's Everyday Sacred: A Woman's Journey Home. Today I read, "I wanted a big miracle .... Instead, to my surprise, I began to discover the power of small things." Later on the same page, Bender writes, "Small changes in behavior, attitude, feelings, can, like the little pebbles, add up to another kind of miracle. Small miracles do build up and they can last."

I like that. It's so true. When clients tell me their dreams and goals, I ask them to break them down into bite-sized pieces. What can you do today to move toward your dream? What one or two things can you change this week that will get you closer to your goals?

Small things do add up. After all, one doesn't climb Mt. Everest in one giant step.

Even a small change in outlook and attitude can help. If you are typically a glass-half-empty type of person, rather than try turn yourself overnight into a glass-half-full person, why not simply try to end each day just finding one or two positive things about your day? You will have more chance for success by doing it gradually than by making such a huge shift.

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