Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still learning ... after all these years

I have three daughters-in-law whom I really love—strong and feisty women! Caring and delightful women. Women who successfully blend careers with mothering and strong marriages. Although I know they have their moments of doubt, too, I look at them and think how unlike them I was at their age.

I was unsure of myself, lacked a healthy self-image and didn't take time for self-care. I dieted to try fit the image of what young mothers should be. I worried far too much about what others thought.

It's been a long process to get to this stage of life and liberation! I know now how important self-care is. I also know that a healthy self-image doesn't mean I am vain. There was so much to learn in these past years. And I still have much more to learn. I hope I will keep learning until I take my final breath.

How grateful I am for all those women who have been teachers in my life, and that includes authors, poets and other artists who inspire me to be the best I can be. And it definitely includes my three daughters-in-law, who are also my teachers as I learn things I didn't learn coming up in a different time.

Who have been some of your life teachers? I'd love to have a conversation in the Comment area below. (You can click on "Anonymous" when it asks your identity if you'd like. Some people have been confused by that choice.)

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