Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where will you go?

I hear a lot these days about "encore careers" and new life after retirement from long-standing careers. Women have so many interests and such long to-do lists that I'm not sure we ever really do retire. And that's just fine. But I love the idea of seeing retirement as a time to follow your passion, to pursue dreams you may never have been able to consider before.

When syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman retired, here's what she said in her final column:

"The phrase that kept running through my head as I considered this next step was: 'I'm letting myself go.' Yes ... I can see the illustration: out of shape, lazy, slovenly, the very worst things you can whisper about a woman of a certain age. But I love the idea of reclaiming that phrase. After all, where will you go when you let yourself go? To let this question fill the free space between deadlines in my life has been quite liberating. It suggests the freedom that can fuel this journey."

Isn't that a totally different view of "letting yourself go"? How liberating! Where will you go when you let yourself go? For what do you long? What's your passion? Do you dare to follow it? Can you build a career or a life that contains it?

Go for it! At least see what it might take to pursue your dreams (and you don't have to wait until retirement). I would love to help you to do just that. Contact me today for an absolutely no-obligation, complimentary strategy session to see where you can go when you "let yourself go".

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