Friday, June 22, 2012

Be a friend to yourself

It's often said that women are their own worst enemies. Sometimes we are much harder on ourselves than anyone else would ever be. We don't think we measure up.

Are you one of those women who engages in negative self-talk? Do you berate yourself for things you've done—or haven't done?

If you are, I invite you to put a stop to it. Today. Wouldn't it be lovely to be your own best friend rather than your own worst enemy?

There are several ways to stop the negative self-talk. One thing I did many years ago that was effective was to envision a stop sign popping up in my mind whenever I heard me saying negative things about myself inside my head. That stop sign operated just as a stop sign along the road would. It stopped me cold in my tracks. Why was I beating up on myself? Was what I said about myself really true? Where did that voice come from? How could I re-word or change the message?

Over time, I was able to change the messages and speak kindly to myself. That little stop sign was a friendly reminder that I was being too hard on myself. It helped me remember that I wouldn't speak to a friend like that. Why would I speak to myself that way?

I'd love to hear your stories about what works for you in dumping the negative self-talk habit. Please tell us in the Comment box below.

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