Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's your gift?

"We were born to bring a gift into the world without which the world would be a poorer place," says Joan Chittister in her book Living Well.

She echoes what psychiatrist and author Jean Shinoda Bolen said at a women's conference I attended two years ago: Each of us has an "assignment," something for which we have unique gifts and which we came into the world to do.

Have you recognized your talents and gifts yet? And have you claimed them? So often when we women are asked to name our gifts, we fall silent. It's easier to name our shortcomings.

If that's how you feel, I encourage you to change things. If you aren't sure what your gifts are, ask those close to you. Reflect on what you love doing, on those things that deeply absorb you and make you feel good. Start your list today. Then think about what you bring to the world. Are you sharing that gift? What does the world need that you can offer?

If you would like to discover your gift or "assignment," and if you want to be confident about your talents, please contact me for a no-obligation, complimentary strategy consultation to see how you can claim them.

Knowing what you bring to the world—and bringing that to life—will make you feel so joyful and powerful.

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