Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making choices is powerful

Have you ever felt like a victim at work? Or perhaps in some other situation? And have you worn the victim role like a mantle?

I have done that at times. It's really not attractive, is it? Nor is it particularly helpful in moving us toward change. It certainly doesn't make us feel powerful and energized.

Sometimes someone really has taken advantage of us. Or treated us unjustly. Sometimes we are on the receiving end of rude or even cruel behavior. But a victim mentality robs us of our power and keeps us from making choices that can actually change the situation. There are times when we need to have our little pity-party about something that's happened to us. But keep it short—and then move on, crafting ideas for what you could do differently next time.

What might you have done to change the situation or its outcome? What different choice could you have made? Did you need to set some boundaries with a coworker or a family member to avoid feeling victimized? Or is it a situation from which you need to remove yourself to keep from being a victim?

Take charge in whatever ways you can. Use your personal power—and feel the energy and confidence it brings! Share your tips below in the Comment box if you've found ways to avoid the victim mentality trap.

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