Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Activities that jazz you

I've just come off a weekend with 24 wise, creative and engaging women. I'm reminded once again of how nourishing and nurturing I find those experiences. I'm filled with so much joy and energy today.

We spent our weekend in intentional dreaming for a women's organization to create its next generation of online resources. We thought about topics women want and need to discuss. We thought of innovative methods of delivery, in addition to downloadable pdf formats. We talked about resources for retreats, multi-session, single session and personal use—and more. We discussed e-learning. And we thought about how to market them all.

Do you get jazzed, too, when you're in the company of bright, witty, fun and innovative women? The staff of the women's organization that called this gathering said how much we had given them. But right now, I'm thinking we participants came away with so many gifts and so much energy ourselves. I think it was win/win.

Take a moment to think about what things fill you up and energize you. Then be sure to include such nourishing events and activities in your calendar. You'll be so glad you did!

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