Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is it really all-out war?

Last week I watched a TV program for entrepreneurs on creating successful small businesses in this economy. My coaching practice is my second enterprise (years ago I operated a marketing/advertising business). And I know it takes lots of focus and hard work to create something from nothing. So I was fascinated by this hour-long show.

One question and answer stood out. Someone in the audience asked the panel of successful entrepreneurs what they do about their competition. One man on the panel pounced right on the question with a forceful response that said, in effect: It's all-out war. You have to kill the competition. Every day is a battle, and you're out to get them. He sounded off on the topic with war images and strident language.

However, as soon as he finished his response, a woman who has created a very successful business jumped right in to say, "I disagree completely." She went on to say that she never gave a thought to the competition but instead simply focused on how to make her product the best it could be and how to give her buyers just what they wanted and needed. Essentially, she said that she wasn't there to defeat the competition but to attract buyers to a desired and high-quality product.

Their responses could not have been more of a contrast. I completely resonated with what the female entrepreneur said since that's how I operate my coaching practice. It's really all about what my clients want and need. Sessions are all about my clients—helping each person find her wisdom within and moving forward with her dreams and goals.

How would you have answered the question?

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