Monday, June 25, 2012

Stuck in a rut?

I grew up on a farm, and not all our country roads were graveled when I was a teen driver. So I knew what it was like to get stuck in muddy ruts in the road. I especially knew how important it was to avoid them in the first place! But sometimes that wasn't possible.

Sometimes we can't avoid getting into those stuck places in our lives either. What do you do when you find yourself stuck? Perhaps you've lost your job—or a relationship that was important to you. Or your job duties have changed substantially, and you're not happy about it. And you just can't seem to move on. There are many things in our lives from which it's difficult to transition and move forward.

If you're trying the same thing over and over, and it's just not working to move you ahead, stop. It's just like revving the engine when you're stuck in a muddy rut. You'll just sink deeper and deeper.

Try something new. Change up some things in your life. Do something different for fun. Consider volunteering for something you might not have before. Find a new route for your morning walk. Do something to get out of the rut.

Then make an action plan for letting go of the old, whatever that is, and moving on with your life. Please contact me if you'd like some help creating a plan. Together, we can get your wheels rolling again!

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