Friday, June 8, 2012

Lose the cocoon

Imagine what it would be like to be a butterfly. How might it feel to fly free? How would it be to soar among the flowers, light as a breeze—no baggage to carry around.

The butterfly doesn't drag around its cocoon once it emerges. The cocoon served a very important purpose in the transition from caterpillar to butterfly. But it's no longer needed by the butterfly.

Do you have any cocoons you need to lose? Any baggage you'd like to shed? Of what do you need to let go before you can move forward?

I've gone through so much letting go in my life. And yet, from time to time, there's yet more I need to shed. When I feel resistance inside myself to moving forward, I know it's time to see what's keeping me stuck. It's time to lose another cocoon, to let go of more baggage.

Lighten your load today. Let go of whatever holds you back. Negative attitudes. Old resentments. Unresolved issues. Sorrows you haven't yet grieved (do the grief work before you try to let go, though). You'll find new energy as that beautiful butterfly in you flies free!

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