Thursday, June 7, 2012


My three sons and I are looking at rental cabins, vacation homes and resorts to try find a site for their families, my fiance and me to gather next summer for a week. We don't live in the same area so don't see each other as often as we'd like.

I've spent several hours on the computer (as they have, too) researching sites. Initially it felt like a time-consuming task. Then I began to enjoy the process.

As we engage in the planning, we're all feeling such a sense of anticipation and joy. I think this just may be half the fun! And it will add to the experience itself.

Isn't anticipation wonderful? The real thing will be quite amazing, too, I am certain of that. But meanwhile I want to savor each moment of anticipation. I want to enjoy the planning and dreaming we do all year as we prepare for this precious time together. 

What are you anticipating right now? Take time to savor and enjoy each moment. Remember to delight in small moments and plans rather than simply focus on the end game or the big things. It will help keep you positive and in a place of real joy.

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