Monday, July 23, 2012

3 ways to gain focus

Occasionally I have clients who bring several issues they want to address in coaching. Often, they tell me they're not able to focus, unable to decide which issue should receive attention first. Here are 3 ways to break through the fog:

1) Say (or write) where you are at this very moment. What's on your mind? What are you feeling? What's currently vexing you? What's energizing you? What seems to be calling to you right now?

Inevitably, when a client can't focus on where she wants to start in our work together, a breakthrough will come when we begin by talking about what's going on inside at that very moment.

2) Once you decide on the first issue, imagine putting the other issues in a drawer, closing it and telling yourself you'll get to those later. We all tend to have "monkey minds" in which ideas and problems continue to swirl and flow. It's tough to focus when so much is going on inside. It can really help when you visualize putting into a drawer all but the one thing on which you wish to focus. The items are still there, accessible to you, but not so present and looming so large as they were before. Put them in a drawer one at a time if that will make it more real for you.

3) Create one or two bite-sized action items for the one thing you've named as your focus. Be sure these are S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time limited.

Once you actually start moving on one issue, you will be so energized and much clearer on where you want to go. Focus will come more easily once you've had that initial breakthrough.

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