Friday, July 13, 2012

Pay attention!

Years ago someone taught me a helpful spiritual practice for day's end: think about what gave you energy during that day and what sucked out your energy. It helps me to journal about these two things, but you can just reflect on them without writing them down if you aren't a journaler.

Some time after I learned that practice, I read about another set of questions to ask at day's end: Did I bring more light into the world today, or did I take light out of the world? And where did I bring more light? At times I simply add those questions to the others I learned earlier.

I have always liked all those questions because they make me pay attention to how I am in the world. Am I reflecting the values I say I hold dear? Am I following my passions and doing things that give me energy and joy—and bring joy to others too? Or am I allowing myself to get stuck in a rut of negativity?

What do you do to pay attention to your life? I'd love to hear your tips. Share them with us in the Comment box below, if you would.

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