Monday, July 2, 2012

Dreams keep you alive

Long ago I read that we don't keep dreams alive—dreams keep us alive.

Many times I've discovered the truth of that. I'm thinking especially of two huge life changes I experienced and how each of those meant the end of dreams: when my marriage ended in divorce and when I was Reduced In Force from my job of 22 years.

As I grieved each of those (they didn't happen at the same time, thankfully!), I really was grieving multiple losses embedded within the one very large loss. And each time my dream (of a marriage that would go on "till death do us part" and of a job that continued until I decided I was ready to leave) was the last thing of which I let go. Once I'd grieved the loss of the dream and let go of it, I needed to replace it with a new dream. Losing each dream left me sad, in a low-energy mode and temporarily stuck. I needed new dreams.

For it really is our dreams that keep us motivated and energized. That's what can put a spring into our step and make us jump out of bed in the morning.

What dreams do you have? Are they keeping you energized and filled with joy? Is it time to put legs on a dream you've long held but tucked away for later? Or time to create new dreams?

Take action today to create and live your dreams. They really do keep you alive and energized!

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