Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Say Yes to life

Something I read yesterday morning resonated deeply with me. In a book that's filled with fun and wisdom, How Did I Get to Be 70 When I'm 35 Inside? by Linda Douty, I read about Albert Einstein asking whether or not the universe was a friendly place. And here's what Douty wrote: "There are plenty of reasons to answer No.... To answer Yes changes the way we view life and the way we live it. Something harmonious happens when we lean into that affirmation with heart, soul, and mind. Science is telling us that our cells actually change structure, the immune system is strengthened, relationships deepen, and irrational joy and peace emerge."

Oh, yes, I do believe it. Seeing the world as an unfriendly place sets you up to be suspicious, closed off to people and afraid of people and situations with which you're not yet familiar.

Seeing it as generally friendly, however, opens you up to new experiences, new friendships, and to more wonder and joy than you might have imagined. And who wouldn't like "irrational joy and peace"?

What would be your answer to Einstein's question?

If your initial response is No, are you open to seeing the universe in a new way? Perhaps it's time to explore the Yes of life!


  1. Oh, my gracious! Let's put this up on billboards all around the country! Think of all the good that would come from this "cup half full" vision. There would be countless "random acts of kindness," more "irrational joy and peace," and lots of loving comments to encourage those around us to be the best they can. Just think of it! I LOVE this vision! We do, after all, RESPOND to those around us, depending on how they approach us. Our country could definitely derive some benefits from this idea, especially during an election year! :) Cheryl

  2. Now that you mention it, I'm really loving this vision too!