Thursday, July 19, 2012

One brick at a time

I once heard a speaker compare a problem to a brick wall. She said when she faced a complex problem, she imagined it was a brick wall. And she determined to tackle it one brick at a time.

Are you facing something in your life right now that seems insurmountable? Career change? Another job added to the one you already have or perhaps job loss? Relationship troubles? Aging parents? Your own aging process or illness?

Whatever it is, see if this metaphor might help you move through and beyond the problem. If it's a brick wall, what are the individual bricks you need to take down? Start with one. And then another.

Don't you just feel lighter when you think of that massive, overwhelming wall being comprised of individual bricks? When you think of removing one brick at a time rather than taking down the entire wall at once? Soon you'll see possibilities rather than the problem.

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