Thursday, July 26, 2012

Women connecting

My fiance often says how intrigued he is by the way women connect with each other. We can meet a woman for the first time and immediately tell her she looks gorgeous in her outfit and within five minutes, be in deep conversation about our values, beliefs and experiences.

Most of us absolutely thrive on connection and relationships. Much as I love my fiance, my three sons and all my family, I often say I would probably wither and die without my women friends or what I've learned even at my age to call my "girlfriends."

We learn from each other. We inspire each other. And, at our best, we encourage each other to reach our best selves.

With this in mind, I wonder whether any of you might be interested in a group coaching experience? Group coaching is just what the term implies: a group that gathers, often in person but it can also be done by phone through use of a conferencing service line, to share ideas and experiences around a given topic. The group commits to a specified number of weeks, and each member is present (insofar as it's possible) for each session of that time since it's the synergy of everyone's presence that really makes a group come alive. Groups can be gathered around a topic or even around a book that everyone reads and uses as a springboard for sharing about their lives. I as a coach would be facilitator (definitely not a lecturer!) and each person would bring questions and personal experience to the table for everyone's growth and development.

I'd love to hear from you, either in the Comment box below or through the Contact page of my website, to know whether you are interested and whether you have a topic you'd like to see covered.

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