Friday, July 27, 2012

Your next step

Are you at a point of change and transition in your life? Not sure about that next step? Maybe even feeling some fear about it? Or just plain stuck?

Many of my clients are facing career changes. Some are unsure about how to prepare for retirement. Still others want relationship changes—or have had that change forced on them through divorce or some type of broken relationship.

These experiences can be devastating. And they also can offer opportunities for growth and outcomes that you never imagined. I know that to be true from my divorce, job disappointments and job loss, as well as other relationship and career changes.

You may have images or metaphors that work well for you. I like to see these changes through the lens of the caterpillar/cocoon/butterfly transformation—as you may have noticed if you read my Home or About website pages. I love the image of a ground-hugging caterpillar with a limited view around her eventually soaring high above the flowers!

If you are interested to learn more about your own changes and whether you might be ready to unleash your inner butterfly and soar, I invite you to sign up for my three free gifts today. Isn't it time to take that next step for whatever change and transition you face?

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