Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'Book of Dreams'

Yesterday's post was about creating new dreams when old ones die.

What if your dreams haven't died? Is there a way to be pro-active and prepare for the possibility of it happening to you some day? Definitely.

In January 2004 I made a list of dreams I had, mostly about who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live in the world. It was actually two years later, in December 2005, that I purchased a beautiful little journal that I titled "Book of Dreams."

This journal has nothing to do with the dreams I have when I sleep. It has everything to do with things I dream about being or doing some day. It's about how I want to live in the world. The little book is more than half full of ideas. So when I lost my job a few years ago, I learned what a wonderful resource I had in that journal. I didn't even open the journal, however, until I'd spend lots of time grieving, journaling my anger, fear and hurts (but not in my Dream Journal). And lots of time letting go. And letting go some more.

Once I was ready, what a joy it was to open my little Book of Dreams and see what in it had resonance and energy for me at that time. That's what led me to where I am today.

I encourage you to create your own Book of Dreams. Have it ready for the time you're in need of new dreams. Or for the time when you want to tweak a current dream.

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