Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just say 'No'

Do you keep adding things into your life and feeling overwhelmed with commitments? Do you find it difficult to say "No"?

Welcome to a large group of women! It seems to be a tendency for us as women to take on more than we should. We often shoulder responsibility for so much!

I have a friend who started a decluttering business. When she worked in someone's home, whether cleaning out a cupboard or a closet (or perhaps an entire house), she advised the owner to not buy anything new to put into that space without first giving away or tossing something already there. That prevents a repeat of the clutter.

I've heard it said that we should do the same with our commitments. I like that idea. When we say "Yes" to one thing, we need to say "No" to something else; or we can easily become overwhelmed and resentful. I know—this is far easier said than done. What helps me do this is to start small.

What one or two things can you eliminate that you're now doing? What might someone else more appropriately do? Or perhaps even do better? What don't you want or need to do? It's about making choices.

Once you've successfully eliminated one commitment, you might tackle another one. It really does become easier to say "No" with practice. And soon, perhaps you'll find your life more manageable. You might even have more room for joy and less for irritability!

Please share with us in the Comment box if you've found some tips that helped you say "No" to over-commitment.

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