Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Fifty is Freedom'

"I'm really not ready to be this age," she told me. "I am having a difficult time dealing with this year's birthday!" One client told me her aging process was dragging her down.

Most of us have one age that really trips us up and gives us pause. For some women it's already at age 30. For others, it's 40 or 50. Still others really can't get past the idea of turning 60. And some women think 70 will make them positively ancient.

Where are you with your aging process? Are you at acceptance? Are you even embracing it?

Author Sue Patton Thoele adopts a new motto for each decade so she can concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives. One such motto was "Fifty is Freedom." She explained that her fifties brought her "the freedom of no longer being chained to 'What will they think?' but instead, 'What do I think?'"

You might want to try Thoele's idea. For example, Forty is Fabulous. Sixty is Serenity. Seventy is Sweet. Before you can find a motto, you'll want to list the joys and freedoms you've gained from living the number of years you already have. We all know about the negatives, about what can happen to the body as we add on years (and perhaps even pounds). But what are the positives you've discovered?

See if you can come to peace with the age you are now or the one you're about to embrace. Life will be so much happier for you—and for everyone who loves you.

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