Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Staying informed—yet positive

I flipped open my latest copy of Newsweek during lunch one day last week and was captured by a lengthy story on the anxiety Americans feel these days. The article chronicled a long list of negatives from job losses and the economy to the costs of a college education and the fact that college grads can't get jobs to seniors not being able to retire ... and on and on.

By the time I read the entire article, my head was so low it was almost on my plate! The whole thing was pretty depressing. Not one note of hope in the entire piece.

Now I was trained as a journalist and spent more than two decades employed as one before I trained as a life coach and switched careers. I want to keep abreast of news and events in the world. But some days I wonder if I just need to tune it out a bit more. I don't want to hide my head in the sand and ignore reality. But I do want to remain as positive as I can so I feel more emotionally capable of facing whatever comes. Somewhere there's a balance to be struck!

How do you find the balance between staying informed and staying positive and content with life? I'd love to hear how you do that.

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